August 2014

Week 10 CSA

This Week: 1/2 case Beefsteak Tomatoes 1 head Red Butter Lettuce 1 bunch Red Beets 1  bunch Carrots 3 Bartlett Pears 1 pound Green Beans 2

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CSA week 9

Thunder! Lightning! Partly cloudy with light showers! We took a break from working on the house late Monday night to watch the lightning and listen to the thunder roll overhead from underneath the eaves of the barn. Over the course of an hour we watched it roll from down near Stanwood all the way up to Padilla Bay before it finally petered. For all their cinematic reputation, thunderstorms really have no sense of dramatic timing. No preludes, no foreshadowing, just long periods of inaction punctuated by brief and arbitrary outbursts, and then you just sit in the theater in the dark until you get cold and go home. But what a theater!

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CSA Week 8

Week 8 2 Beefsteak Tomatoes – PF 1 bunch Spinach – CO 1 bunch Red Chard  – CO 1 pound Green Beans – CO 1

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