June 2015

CSA Week 3

Hello, everyone, it’s here! The chard is here! While we’ve had tomatoes coming out of the greenhouse for almost two months now, strawberries have been and gone, and we’ve already cut our fair share of overwintering cauliflower this spring, Swiss Chard always . . .

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CSA Week 2

Well, you couldn’t have asked for a better strawberry season. Three weeks with hardly a drop of rain and heat like it’s mid-July. This is the longest run of the prettiest strawberries I can recall. Sadly, all good things . . .

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CSA Week 1

The solstice is still nearly two weeks away but summer is here! The spring is off to a roaring start and we have the strawberries to prove it! Welcome and welcome back, everyone, to another year in Hedlin Farms 2015 Community Supported Agricultue program, a box of crops, from us to you!
All this sun means everything

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