CSA Week 13

This week:
1 head Red Leaf Lettuce /
6 ears Yellow Sweet Corn /
2 Heirloom Tomatoes /
1.5 lbs Pears /
1 Heirloom tomato /
2 Salad Cucumbers /
1 bunch Cilantro /
1 lb. Eggplant /
2 lbs. Forono (Long) Beets /
Well, dear friends, it’s August and I hardly know what to say about that anymore…In the past I’ve said that September is the new August since we have only slightly less to do but even fewer people to do the work as everyone on our crew either heads back to school or off to line up work in the potato barns for the winter.
But I think August might be the new August this year…the dog days of summer are upon us, the sun is out for the forseeable future, and everything is coming hot and heavy—corn, cucumbers, squash, you name it, it’s growing as fast or faster than we can pick it! Nerves are running ragged and trucks are running rough but morale is high! We’re doing it all right now—seed is coming off, cabbage transplants are moving out, and harvest is in full swing! We’re watering on the daily and generally in the thick of it. This is August served neat. No ice, no mixer, no nothing.
In your boxes this week I’m pleased to report that our sweet corn is on! It’s always late but worth the wait, we think, and we think you’ll think so too. To wit, I’d like to direct you towards this recipe for Tomato, Cucumber, and Corn Salad that makes good use of fully half the items in your box this week from Martha Rose Shulman at the New York Times. Basil makes a good substitute for the cilantro if you’re looking for an alternative and a little red onion goes well as an addition in any case.
Ok, that’s about it. Enjoy the goods and we’ll see you around the valley!
The chardmonger.