Febuary 2015

Well, our year is off to a soggy, balmy start. Everthing seems to be running ahead of schedule—the blueberries are budding out, our cabbage seed crop is starting to elongate, and perhaps the most surprising indicator is that sunny, 50° days in February don’t seem all that surprising! Winter may not officially be over, but if Cliff Mass, by all accounts the thinking person’s groundhog, says it is, then it’s over in my book.
Even if winter’s over and the worst of the freezes are past, the fields are still wet, so even if the temps are up, we’re a good ways off yet from working ground. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t lots shaking in the greenhouse—seed lots, that is. This is the time when we start sowing our early field successions in the greenhouse so we’ll have plants ready to grow as soon as the weather and the ground cooperate.
If you’ve subscribed to our CSA—that’s Community Supported Agriculture—farmshare program before, then this is the perfect time to renew. If you’ve shopped our farm stand or our farmers market booth and you think you might like to take home a box of that goodness every week through the height of the growing season, then now is the time! You can check out the particulars over on our CSA Page or sign up via Farmigo.
Think that’s about it for now! Watch for our cauliflower and cabbage in at the Skagit Valley Food Co-op in the weeks ahead and we look forward to seeing you around the valley!
All the best,
-the chardmonger